Class Reminders

1. Please come in proper attire.

Pole Classes – Wear short shorts and sports bra under a tank top or T-shirt. Do NOT put lotion at ALL on the day of your pole class.

Aerial Hoop and Silk – Wear COTTON long sleeves top and long leggings. You may wear training gloves for hoop class.

2. Bring towel and water.

3. Come hydrated, but NOT on a full stomach.

4. Classes start and end on time.

5. If it’s your first class, come 15 mins early to fill out some forms.

6. Please remove all jewelry before class. NO RINGS, BRACELETS AND WATCHES to prevent damage to our equipment.

7. Latecomers will not be allowed to join class.

8. Male companions are not allowed to watch.

9. If bringing kids, please make sure they do not disrupt class or make a mess.

10. Bring an open mind :)

11. Classcards are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Polecat Myla Tan